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Zero Carbon House, Birmingham UK

Zero Carbon House, Birmingham UK image

A unique zero carbon house has been built in inner city Birmingham, to meet the stringent requirements of Level 6 of the UK Code for Sustainable Homes. It’s an eco-house that will produce at least as much energy as it consumes, and it’s built around an existing house!

Designed by John Christophers of Associated Architects as a family home, a ground-breaking carbon-neutral building is receiving the final touches. It’s an extension of a redbrick Victorian house, converting a 2-bedroom semi-detached into a 4-bedroom dwelling with a studio loft. It extends upwards and outwards: upwards to catch the sun otherwise obscured by a taller neighbouring house, backwards to create a 2-storey suntrap overlooking the garden, sideways for more space. The original 1840 brick house is preserved, as are the mature ash trees in the garden. Integration with the surroundings is important, and the design takes full account of the neighbouring architecture.

More: http://zerocarbonhousebirmingham.org.uk/