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Jibbering Line Steppers Art Exhibition in Digbeth Birmingham

Jibbering Line Steppers Art Exhibition in Digbeth Birmingham image
Well done Jibbering and thanks for the Tiger Beers! We all enjoyed the work and the atmosphere was great. Birmingham needs more people like Jibbering. Have a look at some of the pics on the right. They inlcude work from Semor & Co., Jinpow, LX One, Cyclops, Pure Evil, Dora, Schudio and James Bourne. 
From their website:
Jibbering Art are curating a beast of an art exhibition in an old warehouse, slap bang in the middle of Birmingham’s creative hub, Digbeth.
With pioneers of UK graffiti, exhibiting alongside the new wave of street artists, this is a show not to be missed!
Artists confirmed are: Aida, Best Ever Crew, Blam, China, Chu, Cyclops, Dave Gaskarth, Dora, Dscreet, Inkie, Jay Bo, Jinpow, Juice 126, Kem, Kid Acne, Log, LX.ONE, Mac 1, Mef, Newso, Part2ism, Peter Dixon, Plimsoul, Pure Evil, Remi/Rough, Rowdy, Semor & Co, Sickboy, Sweet Toof, Timid, The Krah, Them Lot, Vermin & Zoot.
The background image above is from Undercover by LX One.