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ICON Glass from GlassDomain

Icon Glass Logo After years of development Glassdomain have introduced ICON-GLASS to their rapidly expanding portfolio. ICON-GLASS brings a whole host of opportunities for architects and interior designers alike. By combining glass with a unique printing process Glassdomain are now able to offer a range of products that could revolutionise the world of design.
An almost exhaustive range of digital images can now be printed onto glass, from exotic veneers to contemporary designs creating a stunning new material that is ecologically friendly, so to produce expensive veneers no longer means sacrificing the rain forests, this representation can now be created on a fully sustainable material - glass.

Market Leader

ICON-GLASS will soon be come a market leader in wall coverings and give furniture designers the opportunity to create a totally new product range.

Consider a bathroom where you could be greeted by your favourite landscape, an explosion of colour, or even a walnut burr shower splashback, with ICON-GLASS anything is possible...

The digital imagery is encapsulated on the back of the glass and is guaranteed against fading, peeling or delamination. The front face is therefore pure glass leaving a single easy clean surface, no more messy tile grout to contend with!

Glassdomain are able to offer a range of designs from their 'wet look' option (see images to the right) through to their foliage design. These can be produced as panels for walk-in showers creating a stunning feature in any contemporary bathroom. Colours can also be altered to suit any environment.

By capturing the very essence of exotic timbers Glassdomain are also able to reproduce veneers using their digital technology. So far the standard range includes Rosewood, American Walnut, Zebrano and Walnut Burr. 

From interior doors to tables, from vanity units to splashbacks, ICON-GLASS can be used to enhance all your interior designs.

Where possible the glass used in the Icon range is toughened for increased strength and safety performance.

Find out more at the IconGlass website. END