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MirrorBox - Mirrored Furniture and Mirrored Coffee Tables

MirrorBox - Mirrored Furniture and Mirrored Coffee Tables image
MirrorBox are specialists in mirrored furniture, both bespoke and from our range. Talk to one of our designers to achieve the design you're looking for. Standard items include mirror coffee tables, sideboards, and pinths. All of our pieces are Made in Great Britain.

We are currently adding products to our website. At present you can view our coffee tables. We offer 3 stock designs which have proven to be very popular. The smallest coffee table is the Venetian Cube which looks fantastic in large or small rooms. If your interior design is more ambitious, why not consider our larger pieces; Signature 950 and Signature 1100. The former being low, square and squat. The latter being slimmer and of rectangular proportions, but nevertheless, still a striking piece of furniture. All of our mirror furniture designs have a confident presence in your living room, without being boastful.

For more information on MirrorBox products: www.mirrored-furniture.co.uk