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LunchBox Films Get Animated

Lunchbox Films is an animation company that travels around the UK and helps young people in schools and communities create their very own films. Founded in 2005 by Theo Godley & Leo Altarelli it has become their mission to 'Keep Kids Animated'. Their organic workshops allow children to experience all aspects of film making; brainstorming ideas, story-boarding, character design, make sets, props and backgrounds, operate and direct camera's, record sound effects and compose and perform their very own sound track.

A recent project saw Theo & Leo team up with three young animators from Brighton to produce the animated sequences for a music video called 'Cabin Fever' (written and performed by Leo).

To see the video and learn more about the project visit - http://www.vimeo.com/1953235

To learn more about Lunchbox Films and see all their films visit - www.lunchboxfilms.co.uk